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Fueled by Elxr Co


"Glow from the inside out! My health is my wealth so I’m careful about what I put in my body. As many of you know I was against supplements for years until I found @elxrcompany 2 months ago. Elxr protein is Plant-based super powders + BCAA’s & supplements from the highest quality ingredients, gluten free, Soy Free and Vegan 🌱 I’m not vegan but would only take a clean supplement that is bc so many are filled with junk ingredients! - ⭐️ Elxr Co BALANCE is packed w/ minerals, vitamins, & antioxidants to support immunity to transform your health, re-energize, revitalize & restore. It is also designed to support detoxification, glowing skin & a healthy metabolism. 


Megan Renee Turner is an Athlete, Certified personal trainer and Online Coach changing lives around the world! She is a former collegiate standard athlete from gymnastics, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, cheerleading and Track and Field! Her fitness mantra encourages and inspires women to feel amazing in their own skin no matter where you are in your fitness journey! 

✓Discount Code: MEGAN

Contains 27 superfoods

✓Digestive Enzymes = No Bloating!



✓No Gums

✓No Lecithins

✓No Maltodextrins





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